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  • EthanConnolly

    Tanner Hall was born in kasipell montana where he grew up skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort at the age of 3 and joined the freestyle team at 10 years old moguls and and the ariels. then at 15 he moved to park city, Utah to persue his freeskiing career he had planned. 

    His first major competition was the us opens in vail, Colorado

    Then in 2002 tanner hall co founded armada skis along with fellow freeskier Jp Auclair and a photographer called chris o'connell. Tanner hall also is a small owner of the snowcat ski hill retallack near nelson BC Canada Along with skier Seth Morrison. 

    Tanner hall lives the rastafari life style and is a strong supporter of kids using drugs as he was a drug smoker youger and now puts lots of money into stopping kids…

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